FS2 electronic schematics

The FS2 is a digital "Polaroid" that uploads the photos directly to the cloud

It supports two types of Arducam:
Other components:
  • Wemos D1 Mini Development Board
  • 1 RGB Led 5mm
  • Adafruit Micro Lipo MicroUSB battery charger
  • 1 button
  • 1 Three legged on/off mini-switch (Both found in Conrad.de)
  • 1 Diode
  • 3 1K resistors
  • 1 eight PIN connector (2.54 mm of separation)

Proposed distribution

Using another Espressif "System on a Chip" board

It would possible to use also use another boards with more memory like the MakerFocus ESP32 or similars. Check the Board datasheet to check that the GPI inputs and outputs are compatible.
If you don't have time to configure Arduino libraries I might be able to prepare a stable version to be saved directly in to the board. But the SPI Flash File System in the maximum size for the corresponding Board along with the config.json should be personalized and saved in the chip memory in order to boot the software correctly. Please pull the latest develop branch in the FS2 github project if you are willing to test our latest features. Note that some board configurations, like the referenced and the Sparksfun brand, have already a battery charger functionality so you can spare the external MicroUSB battery charger and have a less complex PCB design.