Support the FS2 project and get a fully assembled camera

The FS2 is a digital "Polaroid" that uploads the photos directly to the cloud

If you don't have time to buy the necessary hardware or the soldiering skills to put together your own camera, or you are lazy like most of us, there is also an easy way to get a fully assembled FS2 WiFi Camera:

Support this project with hundred Euros

Support the project sending a payment of 100€ to this Paypal account and in 2 weeks you will receive a tracking code when the assembled camera is sent by post. Please be so kind to indicate what color and type of material you want. At the moment we have in stock:

  • PLA (White, Black or Red)
  • ABS (Natural White)
  • PETG (Black) Rough termination but strong and flexible

A cheaper support option

For 29€ we will send you the complete 3D printed case with post-print work included, designed with color and the ArduCam of your choice (2 or 5MP), plus an additional:
  • Wemos D1 mini ESP8266 with 3MB of SPIFFs (Costs 6€ in
    Saves up to 20/30 pictures in internal Flash memory. Already with the program inside, tested and with zero configuration, just connect it to the camera and it should work provided you follow the Schematics
  • A square Shutter button and one ON/OFF mini-switch (Both found in for about 3€)

Support this project with twenty-nine Euros

Same as in the complete option, be kind to tell us in the order, what color and model of ArduCam you want.

Thanks for your support!