FS2 Digital Camera

The FS2 is a digital Polaroid that uploads the photo instantly to the cloud

This WiFi instant camera is powered by a 2000mA/hr LiOn battery and Espressif state of the art WiFi "System of a Chip" allowing to be about 15 hours online and take hundreds of pictures.
Press the shutter button and the JPEG will be uploaded to a digital gallery in the next 4 seconds. It’s a pure WiFi camera, without a memory card, so you need to be online to use it. And that’s nowadays very easy, right? You just need to make a mobile hotspot on the phone if you are outside home. And if the camera does not detect a WiFi then creates an Access point called CAM-autoconnect for you to set up a new connection. It's done in two easy steps:
  • Connect to the access point CAM-autoconnect and then browse to access the camera “WiFi manager”
  • Select a WiFi and write the credentials to make a connection
  • You are all set, you just need to enable the hotspot and the camera will reset and connect to it automatically. If you do all this with the phone make sure to open the Hotspot fast enough so the camera can connect
It can take a picture both with the shutter button or via the Web UI:
cam.local if you are on I-phone or using a mDNS service discovery like Bonjour on Windows. Linux supports already natively multicast Dns.
There is also a way to adjust the focus, just press "Video stream" in cam.local, and you will receive a slow video via WiFi. Then just restart. That's it! Just connect your FS2 to WiFi and start taking instant pictures. First beta version is 2 Megapixels but is possible to use a 5 Megapixel resolution auto-focus camera. Soon we will be able to push the pictures directly to your Luckycloud cloud storage. Any other features are per request. This is of course all "open source" so it's your camera, your software, and you can change it to your needs.

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