About Luckycloud WebSync

At Fasarek we edit and program our website in the cloud using Luckycloud WebSync. This is a new service offered by luckycloud.de that we find is revolutionary idea to administrate websites directly in the cloud from anywhere you have access to your storage account.

We can edit Fasarek directly on any of our laptops and at ease in any other place just using our browser with storage.luckycloud.de

Editing this page with storage.luckycloud.de HTML editor online

The online editor also works very good for correcting easily any mistake you can see when you are out of home. The only detail is that is too big for Android small screens, so you cannot see at the moment the Save button when trying to do an update from a mobile device. Anyways it's very counterintuitive to edit a website on a mobile device!
Other than that, Luckycloud Websync makes it a pleasure to edit HTML on the go, and even marks very clearly when <tags> are not properly closed like the paragraph tag you can see on the image above.

We find it a really easy way to do a Website for non-technical people but giving at the same time the websites Profis the right tools to have control over all the website. For example:

  • Matomo Web analytics
  • Mysql access and databases

Powered by a fast server and PHP 7 as FPM module in Nginx. That combined with a very friendly support, that can help you to install anything, for ex. any PHP-extension module or image-processing libraries and PDFs, makes Luckycloud Websync a very powerful choice.

The thing that we find extremely cool is that no matter where you edit the files, if it's online or in your Ipad, or in a syncronized folder in any PC... All them are going to be instantly online in 2 minutes. So edit with care!

The thing we personally find very useful is to create a dev/ or drafts/ directory and make there a full copy of the whole website. Then you can easily preview updates in this development version of the website and only when they look alright, you can move the file to the LIVE directory. This is the way I do it for clients and also the way it's done in most professional Web agencies all over the world

Luckycloud servers are in a secure datacenter in Berlin, which in my case is ideal, since it's where most of our clients are.
Author: Martin Fasani
Alt-Treptow, Berlin